Land Borders Regiments


  • Surveilling the land borders in order to prevent smuggling actions.
  • Investigating smuggling and detecting violations.
  • Fighting illegal migration and arresting violators.
  • Preventing all kinds of weapon, ammunition and narcotics smuggling operations and arresting perpetrators in addition to turning them in to the relevant authorities.
  • Setting up surveillance points and fixed and moving searching points as well as conducting patrols along the land borders in order to detect violations related to the infiltration of individuals through the borders in addition to tracking down perpetrators, arresting them and turning them in with the confiscated items to the relevant authorities.

The emblem:
The insignia is formed of the following colors:
1- Green, 2- Brown, 3- Red, 4- Blue
It consists of an oval - shaped piece of cloth and in its center an observer fixed in the ground carrying a binocular and observing the borders of the homeland and defending it. And a green cedar refers to the symbol of the homeland and its green nature and immortality, and the brown color symbolizes the sacred soil of the homeland, and a red barbed wire symbolizes the protected borders of the homeland, and the blue color symbolizes the clear sky of the homeland and inside it at the top is written the logo at the name of the unit.