Presidential Guard Brigade


  • Providing effective protection to the President of the Republic and his family members in their residence, change of location and whereabouts.
  • Providing protection to the Kings and Heads of State while being hosted by the President of the Republic and too all his official guests and diplomats.
  • Presenting protocol ceremonies dedicated to His Excellency the President of the Republic and to the Lebanese and foreign officials.
  • Providing effective protection to the Presidential Palace and its surrounding and providing protection to any location that His Excellency the President takes as a residence.


The emblem:
The emblem is composed of: The Lebanese Flag in the form of a shield, the flag symbolizes legitimacy and the nation and the shield stands for protection. A laurel and oak wreath embracing the shield, the laurel symbolizes victory and the oak is a symbol of persistence and pride. Two intersecting swords at the back are symbols of determination and power. A background setting in royal dark blue color: a characterized color of Republican Guards.


Date of Establishment:
The Presidential Brigade was established on 14/5/1984 and was stationed in Baabda.