The Civil – Military Cooperation Directorate

Establishment: It was established as a Civil – Military cooperation section affiliated with the Reconnaissance Directorate in the LAF Staff for Operations by virtue of telegraph number 13/Pl/Per/Con on 10/02/2012 and turned into a Civil – Military Cooperation Directorate by virtue of military correspondence number 2820/Per/Technical on 26/09/2014.

Date of Establishment: 01/01/2015.

Affiliation: affiliated with the LAF Staff for Operations

Location: Fiyadieh – Chikri Ghanem barrack


Missions of the Civil – Military Cooperation Directorate

  1. Coordinating the necessary activities in the frame of civil – military cooperation with all concerned ministries.
  2. Coordinating with donor organizations and parties (military and civil) willing to provide financing to projects in terms of civil – military cooperation and following up with their execution.
  3. Coordinating with local authorities (municipalities, local committees,…) in order to study their vital and development needs etc…
  4. Studying the purpose of projects, areas of execution, evaluating their results and offering the suitable suggestions.
  5. Supervising the coordination of civil-military cooperation throughout operationally deployed forces.


3 regional sections are related to the Civil – Military Cooperation directorate

  • The regional CIMIC section in the North “Araman training camp”
  • The regional CIMIC section in the Bekaa “Riyak Air Base”
  • The regional CIMIC section in the South “Marjeyoun site”  

Missions of regional sections related to the directorate:

  1. Determining the vital and development needs of the civil environment in the region through communicating and coordinating with the relevant governmental bureaus and local authorities (municipalities, local committees,…) and donor organizations  as well as suggesting cooperation fields in this frame.
  2. Studying and evaluating the civil, social, vital and development environment in the region in order to demonstrate the extent of its impact on military operations in the region.
  3. Suggesting social, vital and development projects that can facilitate the planning and execution for operationally deployed forces in light of studying the civil environment.
  4. Planning and executing approved vital and development projects and following up with their consequences in coordination with operationally deployed military units in the region in addition to reporting it.
  5. Cooperation and coordination with foreign military forces in the region (under the banner of the UNIFIL) in order to determine and execute approved vital and development projects.
  6. Participating in the planning with governmental bureaus, local authorities and local committees for emergency civil operations (natural and natural disasters, crises, terrorist operations,…) with the aim of establishing a swift response to face them and decrease their impact.


Accomplishments of the CIMIC directorate

  1. Preparing and generalizing the general framework of civil – military cooperation.
  2. Preparing and generalizing the implementation guide of civil – military cooperation.
  3.  Preparing a plan for developing the capability of civil – military cooperation.
  4. Developing 3 training courses in civil – military cooperation.
  5. Training around 300 soldiers (officers, NCOs and privates) from different LAF units and bureaus in courses concerned with civil – military cooperation.
  6. Executing 115 CIMIC activities in order to help the local and civil community and to strengthen the relation between the LAF and the people. i.e: medical support (free medical day in remote villages, distribution of equipment and medications to certain infirmaries, offering ambulances, etc …), environmental support (forestation campaigns, cleaning forests, fire extinguishing, etc …), supporting infrastructure (lighting streets using solar power, establishing water tanks and sports courts, etc…), educational support (rehabilitating schools, scholar equipment, distributing coats and bags, singing the national anthem at the sound of the military band, etc…)


To contact the Civil – Military cooperation directorate:

Tel: 05/454551

Fax: 05/456975


Regional Section in the North:

Tel: 06/464826

Fax: 06/462811


Regional Section in the Bekaa:

Tel: 08/900616

Fax: 08/900615


Regional Section in the South:

Tel: 07/831186

Fax: 07/830586


Email address: