Research & Strategic Studies Center (RSSC)


The Research & Strategic Studies Center (RSSC) was found in the 1st of January 2007.
Directly affiliated to the Chief of Staff.


  • To elaborate studies and research with strategic topics.
  • To provide feedback on draft laws, treaties, agreements, contracts and national matters.
  • To draft reports and studies concerning local, regional and international events and crises.
  • To analyze and study various sources of information in order to provide relevant stakeholders with strategic input regarding actual and potential enemies and threats.
  • To conclude a cooperation agreement with the Lebanese University about the Curriculum of the Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies.
  • To obtain, in advance, the RSSC Center’s confirmation on the research prepared by the fixed departments and units before submitting them.
  • To get the RSSC Center involved in the Committee in charge of putting titles to topics that are required to the promotion to the rank of Brigadier General.
  • To carry out scientific research in cooperation with local and international academics and institutes.
  • To follow on and keep up with technological and scientific breakthrough and advancements.
  • To organize international conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • To provide researchers and academics with studies, scientific journals, publications and books.
  • To liaise and cooperate with local and international association and peer research centers.
  • To participate in local and international conferences, workshops and seminars.
  • To conduct training sessions about how to prepare and elaborate a research for the Officers with Colonel rank (promotion to Brigadier General Rank).


Basil Fleihan Economic and Financial Institute

Issam Fares Center for Lebanon.

Carnegie Middle East Center

Imam al-Hakim Foundation

Institute for Palestine Studies

Center for Arab Unity Studies

Arab Thought Foundation

Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES) - AUB

Development and Training Directorate – Banque Du Liban

École Nationale d’Administration (ENA)

Lebanese State Shura Council

American University of Science and Technology

Beirut Builders Lions Club

Islamic University of Lebanon

Holy-Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK)

Notre-Dame University - Louaize in Zouk Mosbeh

Saint Joseph University of Beirut

International Center for Human Sciences (CISH) – Jbeil

Issam Fares Institute for Public policy and International Affairs – American University of Beirut


ASBAR Centre for Studies, Research and Communications KSA

Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM), Turkey

Institute for Near East & Gulf Military Analysis (INEGMA), UAE

Gulf Research Center, UAE

Military Center for Strategic Studies – Italy (CeMISS)

Near East and South Asia Center For Strategic Studies (NESA)-USA

Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, UAE

Center for Strategic Studies- King Abdullah II
Defense Studies Academy – Jordan

Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, Qatar

Arab Center for Iranian Studies, Iran

Rafik Hariri Middle East Center-Atlantic Council, USA

Cranfield University, UK

ISSRA  National Defense University, Pakistan

Center for Economic and Social Studies, Turkey

Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies, France

Paris Graduate School

Future Plan of the RSSC Center:

  • Elaborating and signing Memorandums of Understanding with other similar institutions and centers in Lebanon and abroad.
  • Elaborating a Draft Decree in order to establish the Higher Institute of Ph.D. in Strategic Sciences.
  • Establishing an office in charge of conducting training sessions on the mediation and arbitration works in cooperation between the RSSC Centre and the Lebanese University.
  • Establishing the e-library at the Centre and connecting it with other e-libraries in Lebanon. The Centre's e-library ensures research materials, references and documents for researchers inside and/or outside the center. It also develops the electronic exchange of books, research and articles in order to increase joint cooperation with other similar centers.
  • Developing the Master’s Degree curriculum by adding new courses.

contact us:

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  • Fax: 05/453518
  • Phones: 05/ 956134 - 05/ 953628


Curriculum of the Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies

In 2016, the Research and Strategic Studies Center (RSSC) signed an agreement about the establishment of a joint Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies with the Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Sciences at the Lebanese University. The present curriculum is administered by the Joint Administration Board that is composed of six members, three from the Lebanese University and three from the Lebanese Armed Forces.

The Joint Research Curriculum in Strategic Studies has annually a number of students dividing equity between LAF Officers and civilian students selected under certain conditions; they complete their studies at the Research and Strategic Studies Center according to very high level curricula. Moreover, the Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Science of the Lebanese University shall ensure the specialized educational staff. Also, LAF Officers, holder of Ph.D Diploma, can be assigned to teach specialized subjects.

The Master's Degree in Strategic Studies is issued from the Lebanese University, bearing the signature of the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Sciences and the signature of the Director of the Research and Strategic Studies Center as well as the legalization of the President of the Lebanese University and the LAF Commander-in-Chief.

The aim of the present certificate is to prepare the student for making a proper analysis and assessment in order to enable him/her to draw up and formulate a strategy that will address all the difficulties that the country will face.

Selection of students to follow the curriculum of Joint Master's Degree in Strategic Studies:
  1. The Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Sciences at the Lebanese University shall inform the Research & Strategic Studies Center (RSSC) at the Lebanese Army and the Joint Administration Board about the opening of applications for admission to the Joint Master's Degree in Strategic Studies in the month of October of each year, and shall circulate a special announcement thereof.
  2. The Director of the Research & Strategic Studies Center at the Lebanese Army shall ensure that the date of admission of applications is circulated to the Lebanese Army Officers.
  3. In addition to the general terms and conditions stipulated in the Lebanese University's rules and regulations, students' candidacy for admission to this Master’s Degree may be accepted in accordance with the following terms and conditions:
    • Holding a university degree in: Law, Political and Administrative Sciences, Business Administration, Economic Sciences, History, Geography, Social Sciences and Media. Holders of other certificates that are consistent with those mentioned in the present clause may be accepted, after having received the consent of the Joint Administration Board.
    • For the students: practicing a public function (in the third category and above or its equivalent in public institutions), or officers affiliated to any security institutions other than the Lebanese Army, with the rank of Major and above, or practicing a liberal profession for more than five /5/ years. Graduates of the Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Sciences are exempt from the aforementioned terms and conditions.
    • For the officers: Holding the rank of Major and above.
    • Mastering a foreign language.
  4. The Joint Administration Board shall study the files of students applying to the curriculum of the Joint Master's Degree in Strategic Studies, and shall conduct the tests deemed appropriate.
Selection of the professors:
  1. The faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Sciences is liable to provide the specialized educational staff properly in accordance with the Lebanese University’s rules and regulations.
  2. Based on the Board’s proposal, the officers who hold a Doctorate Degree (in active service or retired), or who hold a postgraduate studies and a staff rank (in active service) may be assigned to teach specialized subjects. These officers have not the right to receive any compensation from the Lebanese University's budget.
Place and time of teaching:
  1. Lessons are given at the Research & Strategic Studies Centre in the afternoon.
  2. By a decision of the Joint Administration Board, the way of distributing lessons and of determining the timing of lectures shall be done by agreement between the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative Sciences and the Director of the Research & Strategic Studies Center.
  3. The Research & Strategic Studies Center shall undertake the necessary measures to ensure the entrance of the students to the Center in order to pursue their studies and allow them to use the RSSC's library. Therefore, students shall comply with the procedures of the RSSC Center.
  4. Teaching languages are the languages adopted at the Lebanese University.
Supervision of the thesis:
  1. The thesis is supervised by a member of the university's educational staff properly according to the rules and regulations. Based on the Board's proposal, one of the specialized officers, who hold a Doctorate Degree in the specialty - be it in active service or retirement - can be admitted.
  2. By a decision of the Rector of the Lebanese University, the members of the Examining Committee are appointed to discuss the thesis after the approval of its Council, provided that one of them is a Lebanese Army officer, and holder of a Doctorate Degree (be it in active service or retired) or holder of a Postgraduate Degree and a PSC (=Passed Staff College) title (in active service), and nominated by the Director of the Research & Strategic Studies Centre.
  3. The supervisor or member of the discussion committee proposed by the Board shall not receive any compensation from the University's budget.
The certificate:

The Master's Degree in Strategic Studies shall be issued properly in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Lebanese University.

Curriculum of Joint Research Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies
Curriculum of Joint Research Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies
Courses Doctors’ Names
Semester I
Theories in International Relations Dr. Adnan Sayyed HUSSEIN
Methodology and Techniques of Scientific Research Dr. Haitham FADLALLAH
Diplomacy Mediation and Negotiation Art   in English Dr. Marie Line KARAM
Advanced Studies in the International Law and International Organizations - Cases' Study in English Dr. Adel KHALIFEH
Strategy Dr. Claude EL HAYEK
International Organizations Dr. Marie-Thérèze AKL
Israeli Strategy (knowing your enemy) Dr. Samer ABDALLAH
Semester II
Sovereignty International Security B.G. P.S.C Dr. Hasan JOUNY
Strategic Leadership War B.G. P.S.C Dr. Remon RAHAT
Political Geography and Geopolitics in English Dr. Walid ARBID
Dr. Jamal WAKIM
Information Strategy in English Dr. Khouloud EL KHATIB
Dr. Janane EL KHOURY
Strategy of Terrorism and Counter-terrorism Dr. Souheil; HAMMAD
International Economy Management in English B.G. Dr. Habib EL KAZZI
Semester III
Human International Law in English Dr. Riyad SHAYYA
Lebanese Constitution Dr. Issam ISMAIL
Interaction among Civilizations Different Cultures in English Dr. Antoine SEIF
Dr. Ghada AWADA
Modern Wars in English B.G. P.S.C Oliver HAKMEH 
Dr. Sarwat AZZAHER
Strategies of Regional Countries Maj. Dr. Bassel EL HAJJAR
Lebanese Political System: Crises and Solutions Dr. Joseph ISSA
Strategy of Lebanese National Security Dr. Claude EL HAYEK
Semester IV
Strategies of Major Countries in English Dr. Amin LEBBOS
Lebanese National Defense and Security Dr. Akl AKL
International Crises Management Dr. Adel KHALIFEH
Cultural Economic Diplomacy  in English Dr. Georges LABAKI
Decision- Making Lobbying Dr. Lina OUAIDAT

Master's exams


Oceans and Seas: Between good governance and geopolitical competition

Maritimes Awareness

Ocean Governance And Maritine Awareness

Leadership between Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 2023/strong>

Geopolitics in Transition: Shifts and Challenges, 2023

Forensics between reality and challenges, 2023

Economic development in developing countries and State sovereignty over its natural resources, 2023

Environmental Security, 2022

Critical Thinking in Geopolitics, 2022

For a Future more secured, a new concept for the humanitarian security

Methods of peaceful settlement of disputes, 2022

Administrative judiciary and its integration with the work of the institutions of the Ministry of National Defense, 2021

Bank of Lebanon and its role in monetary policy - Financial Regulations, Legal and Regulatory, 2020

Justice between text and jurisprudence in the judicial and military judiciary, 2019

The future of oil in Lebanon, technically and economically, 2019

The Syrian crisis and its repercussions, 2018

Russian civilization - Meaning and Destiny - Professor Suhail FARAH, 2018

National Humanitarian Upbringing, 2017

Statistical work in the Arab region between the present and the future, 2017

Lebanon and the Syrian displacement: burdens and priority of return, 2017

Cyber security seminar at the Islamic University in cooperation with the French Embassy, 2017

Retirement and Social Protection Policy, 2017

The Educational Sector in Lebanon between Present and Future, 2016

National Security in Lebanon-transport Sector, 2016

National Security in Lebanon-energy & Power Sector, 2016

National Security in Lebanon-water Policy, 2016

National Security in Lebanon, 2015

Media Responsibility in Safeguarding the Homeland, 2014

Petroleum Resources in the East Mediterranean - Economic, Political & Security Concerns, 2014

CSIRT: Mise en Place et Gestion Opérationnelle, 2014

Cyber Defense: Building Blocks & Challenges, 2014

Cyber Security Strategy: A Must For National Security, 2014

Making the Public Opinion through the Think Tanks, 2013

Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, 2013


Tenth Regional Conference
“Oil & Gas Maritime facilities: Safety & Security”
Held from May 30-31, 2023

9th Conference
“Artificial Intelligence in Security & Defense”
Held from March 26-29, 2019

Eight Regional Conference
 Reinforcing Stability and Development in Arab Countries and the Middle East
Held from February 19th until 23rd, 2018

Seventh regional Conference
Contradictions of Conflicts and Changes in the Arab World
Held from May 15 until 18, 2017

Sixth Regional Conference
The Middle East amid the New World Order and the Repercussions of the International Conflict on the Region
Held from July 12th until 15th 2016

Fifth Regional Conference
The Middle East amid Variant International Politics
Held from May 5th until 8th, 2015

Fourth Regional Conference
Anticipated Status Quo in the Middle East in light of the likely changes and compromises: Legitimacy of the new regimes and pillars of the New Regional Order
Held from April 9th until 12th, 2014

Third Regional conference
The Arab World 2013: dynamics of change; Security Economical and Good Governance Challenges
Held in Beirut from 10 to 13 April, 2013

Second Regional Conference
“Middle East Beyond 2011: Geopolitical, Economic and Security Changes”
Held in Beirut from March 28 to 31, 2012

First Regional Conference
“Regional Emerging Issues: Challenges and Future Prospects”
Held in Beirut from March 29 until April 1, 2011

Latest News

Signing Ceremony for the Establishment of the Mediation and Arbitration Training Office between the Research and Strategic Studies Center (RSSC) and the Lebanese University
Under the patronage of the Lebanese Armed Forces Commander, General Joseph Aoun, represented by Brigadier General Mansour Zougheib, Director of the Research and Strategic Studies Center, a signing ceremony was held at the Fouad Shehab Command and Staff College for the establishment of the Mediation and Arbitration Training Office between the Army's Research and Strategic Studies Center and the Lebanese University - Faculty of Law, Political and...Wednesday, 21 February 2024


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