Marine Commandos Regiment


  • Reconnaissance and surveillance.
  • Intercepting enemy boats that enter the regional waters.
  • Performing Frogman raids and destroying any suitable targets.
  • Planting and removing naval obstacles and mines.
  • Executing joint operations with Land, Air and Naval Forces.
  • Infiltrating at Sea, Land or Air in order to conduct operations behind enemy lines (ambush or raid).
  • Occupying beaches and providing bridgeheads as preparation for major landing forces.
  • Performing Guerilla operations and operations against Guerillas.
  • Rescuing hostages from a kidnapped ship at sea.
  • Performing special fighting operations from the sea, land or air.
  • Contributing to different security and search and rescue operations at sea.

The emblem:
The emblem is composed of an eagle symbolizing pride, vigor and might, an anchor symbolizing the sea, a pistol indicating special land operations, a cedar symbolizing immortality and adherence to the soil of nation and a Hachette symbolizing god of sea.

Date of establishment:
The Marine Commandos Regiment was established on 01/06/1997 and was located in Miled Naddaf Barrack – Mastita.