Logistic Brigade


  • Anticipating the Army needs to provide general logistic support in the Army.
  • Receiving and storing the Army needs.
  • Providing provisions to the units and assisting them to fulfill their needs.
  • Providing maintenance to the Army units’ equipment.


The emblem:
The emblem is composed of a wheat spike on one side and half a cogwheel on the other side forming a laurel, topped with a rocket and embracing a white sheet of paper and a pelican. The wheat spike denotes supplies and provisions, The half cogwheel denotes maintenance and technical support, The white sheet of paper denotes administrative work and logistic functions, The pelican denotes transportation of supplies.


Date of Establishment

The Logistic Brigade was established on 18/1/1983 and its Headquarters was located at the Barrack of Youssef el-Osta – Kfarshima.