Assistance offered to victims

The Lebanese Mine Action Center provides assistance to the victims who survived from incidents related to mines and cluster bombs in cooperation with the Lebanese Mines Victims Assistance Committee through the following ways:
• Medical Assistance: Providing prosthetics and maintenance services in addition to related rehabilitation services.
• Financial aid: Bolstering income yielding initiatives and providing low interest loans.
• Psychological and moral assistance: Rehabilitating victims on the psychological level, boosting their capabilities and providing orientation in a way that enables them to recover their rights and reintegrate in society.

Number of Victims following the end of the Israeli aggression against Lebanon on the 14th of August 2006 according to sex and age

Sex Wounded Martyrs Total
Children (male), 0 to 12 years 45 5 50
Children (female), 0 to 12 years 9 0 9
Adults (male), 13 to 18 years 79 6 85
Adults (female), 13 to 18 years 3 0 3
Grownups (male) 19 years and above 258 45 303
Grownups (female) 19 years and above 20 2 22
total 414 58 472

However, the total number of victims since the early days of the civil war in Lebanon emanated to 3738 victims, 907 of whom are martyrs and 2831 are wounded.