The Lebanese Mine Action Center


  • Implementation of the Lebanese Mine Action Center program according to the strategic national priorities set by the interministerial advisory committee.
  • Conducting all the activites that will be organized in the frame of mine action works and assisting in providing logistic and administerial support to facilitate the work of all mine action organizations operating in Lebanon according to the last stage strategy and the national mine action work standards.
  • Authorizing and coordinating all mine action works according to national standards.
  • Setting the priorities with regard to the mine awareness process.
  • Organizing national standards according to international standards regarding mine action work.
  • Training Lebanese civilians and troops in addition to foreigners of different nationalities to work in the field of mine action works for humanitarian reasons.


The emblem:

The emblem symbolizes the land contaminated by mines, a military working on demining, and a red triangle warning the population of the danger of mines.


Date of Establishment:

The National Bureau for Mine Clearance was established on 7/6/1998 at that time within the Military School in Fiyadieh and was later relocated to Hazmieh and settled finally in the barrack of Shukri Ghanem – Fiyadieh. The appellation changed from the National Bureau for Mine Clearance to the Lebanese Mine Action Center starting 20/6/2007.