The Rest House

The rest house is a new project designated for active service officers and their families as well as retired officers under certain conditions. Te first rest house was built in the Military Complex – Kaslik and this step will be later supplemented with other rest houses in other Lebanese regions.

The decision to build the rest house was taken on the 6th of September 2003 and construction was completed in late June 2004. The inauguration was under the patronage of the President of the Republic General Emile Lahoud on the 30th of July 2004.

The rest house includes 20 rooms designed for visitors and a nursing station equipped for emergencies, first aid and all medical services. The project took into consideration the creation of a large garden planted with trees and roses as an additional outlet for the rest house's visitors. It is considered as part of the military complex and its guests can benefit from all the complex services: Spa, restaurant, cafeteria, summer swimming pool, the sand beach and the sandwich kiosk.

The rest house provides a safe and decent living space for the elderly or for those willing to spend a short period of time for convalescence or recreation with the best available means wit affection and respect by ensuring some services and performing activities in a suitable ambiance as well as health, psychological and social care. Guests of the rest house benefit from nursing, health, medical, alimentary, hotel and social services provided by experts.

The rest house receives mentally healthy officers who can care for themselves and does not suffer from any physical disability which hamper their movement without human assistance.

It also receives officers and their families for rest and recreational purposes for short term and long term residency.
The guests practice a wide array of activities suitable with their conditions such as reading, handicraft, tourist visits and parties.