The High Center for Military Sport


  • Management and formation of militray teams and providing training in order to participate in national, regional and international championships and events
  • Organization of Army Championship matches in addition to organizing other championships assigned to the Army.
  • Setting the organizational standards of physical training for the troops and working on developing these standards.
  • Coordinating with national institutes of sport as well as the International Military Sports Council and the Arab Union for Military Sports.


The emblem:

The emblem is composed of a flame symbolizing the Olympic flame, a rifle crossing a sword with reference to the mobility chivalry of the military athletes, and three integrated rings illustrating the adhesion of the center to the International Council for Military Sports, the Arab Union for Military Sports, as well as to the national sports unions.


Date of Establishment:

In 1943, the French Army established the schoolf of combat, skiing and marksmanship in Haret Hreik – Beirut. Later on, the Minitsry of National Defense created the Skiing School in the Cedars of Becharri and the School of Combat and marksmanship remained in Beirut. In 1978, the appellation changed to the High Center for Military Sport. In 2006, the Headquarters of the High Center for Military Sport and its branches were transferred to President Emile Lahoud Military Sports Complex in Mar Roukoz – Dekwaneh.