NCO Institute


Preparing and training new recruits and active service soldiers as NCOs and soldiers in all specializations, in addition to other missions such as:

  • Preparing and training Army members to comprehend and apply the modern principles of war and using its developed means, which includes training and preparing soldiers at the mental and physical levels as well as practical works.
  • Providing all Army training phases for volunteers.
  • Basic and joint training for newly volunteered soldiers.
  • Basic and joint training for cadet NCOs.
  • Supplementary training for newly volunteered soldiers – Infantry specialty
  • Supplementary training for cadet NCOs
  • Sessions for members of the study offices in the Army and the rest of the security forces that the Army Command decides to open in the institute.


The emblem:

The emblem illustrates an archer teaching his student the art of shooting, which is the first step in military career; the blue background means absolute clarity; both men are embraced with two green spikes symbolizing donation and sacrifice, the back blue setting symbolizes absolue clarity.


Date of establishment:

The training institute was established as a unit operating under the command of the North Region on 03/08/1961 and was located in Bahjat Ghanem Barrack – Tripoli in which it remained until the year 1966. The institute was then transferred in 1968 to Mohammad Makki Barrack – Baalbeck.