Institute of training of enlisted men


  • Receiving and training recruits and soldiers whose services were prolonged at the level of all army units.
  • Educating recruits and soldiers whose services were prolonged in a sound patriotic manner that joins soldiers in one entity by eliminating differences and enriching them with the spirit of prowess and strengthening their confidence in their State and its legal institutions.
  • Preparing recruits and soldiers whose services were prolonged as fighters in the armed forces by training them to respect the rules and discipline, to obey their seniors, implement the Law and improve their fitness as well as training them to use weapons and strengthening moral values and the principles of Human Rights.


The emblem:

The emblem consists of two hands, one of a soldier, and the other of a Lebanese compatriot, both are joined to raise the national Flag as a symbol of cooperation and even cohesion between the Army and the Lebanese people in defending their country. A laurel branch and a wheat spike embrace the hands and the flag, the laurel branch to symbolize glorious victory, and the wheat spike self donation, well being and blessing.


Date of establishment:

Araman Training Camp was established on 01/05/1995 and was located in Hanna Ghostine Barrack – Araman.