NCO School


  • Performing basic training for cadet NCOs in land, air and naval forces.
  • Performing supplementary training for cadet NCOs in land forces and preparing them for squad command.
  • Preparing and training NCOs and specialized cadets assigned as trained NCOs.
  • Qualifying NCOs to take over defined jobs in their units.
  • Holding any session chosen by the Army Command in time.


The emblem:

The emblem is composed of a green cedar symbolizing immortality of Lebanon, a glaring sun diffusing the rays of knowledge in all directions, a book symbolizing education, a pen symbolizing the means to spread science and knowledge and a sword symbolizing power.


Date of establishment:

The NCO School was established in 1967.


Conditions for applying:

You can apply to the NCO School as a cadet NCO through a contest. Every Lebanese, civilian or military has the right to apply to the contest if the required conditions apply.


Entrance contest to the NCO School:

  • The first phase includes a psychological, sports and health test.
  • The second phase  includes the written test and the evaluation provided that only candidates who passed the first phase can participate.
  • The candidates volunteer as specialized cadet NCOs and, in addition to the above mentioned tests, should go through a technical test each in his specialization and then a written test.